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Selected Talks

Casablanca: Designing Social Communication Devices for the Home (Stanford's People, Computers and Design Seminar, April 2001)

The Casablanca project explored how media space concepts could be incorporated into households and family life. This effort included prototypes built for the researchers' own home use, field studies of households, and consumer testing of design concepts. A number of previously unreported consumer preferences and concerns were uncovered and incorporated into several original prototypes, most notably ScanBoard and the Intentional Presence Lamp. Casablanca also resulted in conclusions about designing household social communication devices

Back To The Future: Trends in Instant Messaging and Presence ('s Instant Messaging, May 2000)

This talk brings together research perspectives and recent innovations that can inform the growing commercial activity in the instant messaging and presence areas.  The most relevant topics from the academic field of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) are described briefly, along with some of the key findings from CSCW studies and pointers to academic and industrial sites of expertise.

Next, two sets of innovations inspired by CSCW are presented. The first, an audio-based workgroup communication system called Somewire, illustrates how rich instant messaging and presence can be, including the evolution of varied user interfaces and findings from long-term observational studies.  The second set of innovations illustrates the opposite approach, showing how simply instant messaging and presence can provide new forms of social communication via a variety of novel devices for consumers.  A number of prototypes are shown, along with summaries of findings from multiple consumer studies.

Home Networking: A Case Study of a Dysfunctional Industry (Asilomar, April 2000)

In this talk, I will present a de-hyped and opinionated perspective on the current state of home networking.  Iíll start with a summary situation analysis of home networking--adoption trends, media hype, market turbulence and wide set of players.  Then, Iíll go through seven ways in which the computer and home networking industries are engaged in wishful thinking about home networks.  For example, will residential gateways really be popular Christmas gifts in two or three years?  Iíll augment my assertions by presenting findings from several in-depth consumer studies.  After giving a tongue-in-cheek view of making money in home networking, Iíll close by addressing trends to watch (out) for and identifying recent signs of hope.

The Importance of Homes in Technology Research (CoBuild, October 1999; SRI, March 2000; Stanford PCD, January 2000)

In this talk, I will argue for the importance of home-related research on technology. Several important differences between researching homes and researching workplaces are described, and several issues in conducting home-related research are discussed in the context of specific research efforts. Ways to advance home-related research as a discipline are presented, including an existing course on technology design with a home focus.

Studying Work At Home: Profiles and Perspectives (HomeNet SOHO Workshop, December 1999)

This talk presents qualitative results from a small study done in collaboration with CMU.   It draws upon lengthy interviews with household members of five newly-formed home-based businesses.  In these businesses, women were either the sole proprietor or an active partner.   Five video profiles are shown, highlighting technological and social issues that are unique to the home-based workplace. Findings include observations on technology diffusion and key differences between homes and workplaces. The talk also addresses sociological and academic perspectives, along with related resources.

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