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Publication List

“Casablanca: Designing Social Communication Devices for the Home,” Debby Hindus, Scott D. Mainwaring, Anna Elisabeth Hagstrom, Nicole Leduc and Oliver Bayley.  ACM CHI’01 conference.  PDF format

“Interval Research Overview,” Bonnie Johnson, Debby Hindus and Arati Prabhakar. ACM CHI’00.

“The Importance of Homes in Technology Research,” Debby Hindus. ACM CoBuild’99 conference. PDF format

“Tangilble Progress:  Less is More in Somewire Audio spaces,” Andrew Singer, Debby Hindus, Lisa Stifelman and Sean White. ACM CHI’99 conference proceedings, May 1999. PDF format

“Hanging on the 'Wire: A Field Study of an Audio-Only Media Space,” Mark Ackerman, Debby Hindus, Scott Mainwaring and Brian Starr, ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, 4(1), March 1997, 39-66. 

“Thunderwire:  A Field Study of an Audio-Only Media Space,” Debby Hindus, Mark Ackerman, Scott Mainwaring, and Brian Starr, ACM CSCW'96:conference proceedings, 238-247. PDF Format

"Designing Auditory Interfaces for PDAs," Panel discussion, Debby Hindus, Lisa Stifelman, Barry Arons, Bill Gaver, Beth Mynatt and Maribeth Back, ACM UIST'95 conference proceedings, November 1995.

"An Overview of Interval Research," David Liddle, Meg Withgott and Debby Hindus, ACM CHI'94.

"Capturing, Structuring and Representing Ubiquitous Audio," Debby Hindus, Chris Schmandt and Chris Horner, ACM TOIS, Transactions on Office Systems, October 1993.

“Ubiquitous Audio: Capturing Spontaneous Collaboration,” Debby Hindus and Chris Schmandt. CSCW’92. PDF Format

“Semi-Structured Display of Telephone Conversations,” Debby Hindus and Chris Schmandt. CHI’92.

“Augmenting a Window System with Speech Input,” Chris Schmandt, Mark S. Ackerman and Debby Hindus. IEEE Computer, August 1990.

“Observations on Using Speech Input for Window Navigation,” Chris Schmandt, Debby Hindus, Mark S. Ackerman and Sanjay Manandhar. In Proceedings of INTERACT’90, August 1990.


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