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Home Technology

The success of the audio space research led me to want to bring that same kind of immersive and lightweight communications to people in their everyday home lives.  This turned out to be a fascinating topic, and included the following activities, in addition to leading me into home networking:

The Casablanca project on social communication devices
A Stanford course on "Designing Consumer and Domestic Technologies"
Consumer studies
Additional talks, research publications and position papers 


I started and led the Casablanca project while at Interval.  Casablanca was a multi-year, multi-disciplinary effort that resulted in a number of social communication devices for homes.  Other results include findings from several consumer studies.  For an overview, see the talk I gave at Stanford's People, Computers and Design seminar in April 2000:

Casablanca, Stanford PCD seminar, April 20, 2001.

The paper that the talk is based on is:

"Casablanca: Designing Social Communication Devices for the Home," Debby Hindus, Scott D. Mainwaring, Anna Elisabeth Hagstrom, Nicole Leduc and Oliver Bayley. ACM CHI'01 conference.  PDF format

Stanford course

In early 1999, I put together a new course, "Designing Consumer and Domestic Technology," for Stanford's HCI program in computer science.  It was unique in its social science perspective, along with imparting techniques for designing for the home environment.  For more about the course, see the paper that I wrote about it.

"The Importance of Homes in Technology Research," Debby Hindus. ACM CoBuild'99 conference.  PDF format

Consumer studies

Casablanca was one of the projects at Interval that incorporated ethnomethodological (that is, using methods inspired by ethnography), qualitative studies.  Although little has been published about the wide range of consumer research at Interval, the general approach is described in a short paper: 

“Interval Research Overview,” Bonnie Johnson, Debby Hindus and Arati Prabhakar. ACM CHI’00.

Additional talks and papers

Back To The Future: Trends in Instant Messaging and Presence (Instant Messaging, put on by, May 2000)

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