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Home Networking

My work on social communication devices for the home led me into wireless home networking. The kinds of interactions and user experiences that I envisioned would be much more practical with simple, low-cost home networks. Topics on this page include:

Wireless home networks 
Industry coalitions
Talks at industry events

Wireless home networks 

I worked with the Fantasma project at Interval, which became a short-lived startup.  Fantasma sought to use UWB, a new kind of RF technology, to create robust and very inexpensive home networking devices.

I and a small team did work on novel wireless applications for homes, but soon realized that wireless didn't really need new apps; just getting it to work well in homes was more than enough.

So I focused on the business aspects of Fantasma, which got me involved in industry coalitions as well as industry events in which I could contribute my earlier consumer-related research.

Industry coalitions

I and others at Interval helped form the Ultra Wideband Working Group to promote UWB to FCC regulators.
The UWB Working Group put together the first (and only?) UWB Conference in September 1999.  
At the UWB conference, I gave a talk on The Future of UWB: Communications Applications, as part of a panel session that is available as a RealAudio recording.
I represented Interval at HomeRF meetings, and Interval also belonged to the Bluetooth consortium.

Talks at industry conferences

HomeNet conferences, put on by MarcusEvans (formerly ICM)
Killer Apps for Home Networking, (Panel, 7/01)
Capturing Market Share (Workshop, 12/00)
A Research Perspective on Home Networking (Keynote, 7/00)
Studying Work At Home: Profiles and Perspectives (SOHO Workshop, 12/99)
Consumer Perspectives on Home Technology (Panel, 12/99)
Keeping Consumers Happy and Avoiding Churn, (Moderator, 10/99) Parks Associates Forum
Home Networking: A Case Study of a Dysfunctional Industry (4/00)

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