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I enjoy working with students, and I've taught university courses in addition to the numerous talks I've given to students, research colleagues and industry professionals.

Course designer,  Broadband industry education  Q1 2000  

Produced a series of 15 lectures and panels, featuring industry pioneers and experts, to educate staff about the broadband arena. Responsible for curriculum, speakers, readings and web site.

Instructor and creator, Stanford graduate course, “The Design of Domestic and Consumer Technologies,” Winter 1999.

“Conversational Paradigms in User Interfaces,” tutorial; CHI'91, CHI’92 with Susan Brennan.

“Building GUIs in the X Window System,” with Joe Marks, graduate course (Harvard Extension, Fall 1991).

Course on using and programming Lotus 1-2-3. (Aquinas Junior College, Winter 1988).

I've also mentored student project for Stanford HCI class, winter 1994, spring 1997 and spring 1998.  I've given guest lectures at Stanford, Berkeley, Ricoh, Oracle, Harvard Extension, Royal College of Art, Philips, SRI and Olivetti CRL


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